International Development Week

Time to reflect on why education is so vital and how we must all work harder to ensure that ALL children get the opportunity — and the right — to learn.

IDW2017From Feb 5-11 #IDW2017 celebrates Canada's contributions to international development and encourages all Canadians to learn #WhyItMatters.

For the past 57 years, CODE has been uniquely focused on advancing literacy and education in some of the world's regions in greatest need. Today, working with our country partners, CODE's programming supports the local publishing of engaging books for children & youth, supports libraries, and further develops the skills of local teachers & educators.

With continued support from Global Affairs Canada, CODE is helping to transform the literacy landscapes in Kenya, Mozambique and Mali. CODE’s program in Mozambique called “BETTER”- Better Education through Teacher Training and Empowerment for Results - is intended to improve the quality of education for girls and boys in Mozambique by fostering the quality of teacher education at four of the country’s teacher training institutes. Specific improvements will promote gender equality, student-centered methodologies, literacy and language skills, and the creation of quality teaching materials in local languages and in sufficient quantities. In 2015, as a testament to the impact of Associação Progresso, CODE’s Mozambican country partner, and CODE’s work, the Government of Canada selected CODE to undertake the delivery of a seven-year teacher education reform program in Mozambique. BETTER is being implemented, together with Associação Progresso and the Mozambican Ministry of Education and Human Development, in four of the country’s 12 provinces.

In Kenya, CODE and its partner there the National Book Development Council Kenya (NBDCK) continues to train and certify teachers in early child-hood education techniques. Over 40,000 children in the Kajiago region will benefit from CODE’s Reading Kenya comprehensive reading program. This year, CODE and NBDCK were especially proud to launch seven new Maa language books.

Heather Cameron holding Burt Award winning books from Ghana

CODE wants to offer special thanks to Heather Cameron (above), Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, for participating in our programming and book award events in Accra, Ghana; and to the Canadian Embassy in Mali for their support on our PAGE Mali programming - where just last week in Bamako CODE and its partners hosted publishing and author workshops to support textbook publishing in Mali (below).

PAGE Mali Publishers workshop in Bamako



Monday, February 6, 2017
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