Adopt a Library

You can provide children and their families with a place to gather, read and learn

In many of the smaller communities in Africa where CODE works, the local school or community library is the only place where children and adults can find books and other reading materials.

"A child goes to a shelf and picks out a book that looks interesting: a book that mirrors their own life and experience; a book in their own language; a book with engaging illustrations that speak to them. This may not seem like an extraordinary act. But until the arrival of CODE in many smaller communities in Africa, the students had never seen children’s books like this before. They had only seen textbooks that they had to share with several other students. And in some cases, there were no books at all."

Support a place to read

You can help make this a reality by adopting a library. Rally together your family, friends or colleagues and provide children and their families with a place to gather, read and learn.

Your contributions help to cover the cost of library furniture, shelves full of books and professional training for library staff. In 2013, CODE’s Adopt a Library Program is supporting the establishment of school and community libraries in Tanzania and reading rooms in Ethiopia. CODE has a new multi-year program to support literacy and learning in these countries.

Your support will help to create a child-friendly library that will help students learn, explore and discover the world through a variety of high-quality books.

Adopting a library is easy – just choose an unadopted library and give us a call at 1-800-661-2633 ext. 245 or send us an email at We’ll put your name on our site, and your friends, family or colleagues can support your library securely online. The more support you rally, the more the stack of books will grow.

Needs may vary from country to country. All donations to the Adopt a Library program will be used for the library identified. In the case of surplus, CODE will direct funds where the need is greatest.

"I come from far away to school. I love the reading room because it's the only place I can find lots of different books I like to read."
— A 15 year old girl from Ethiopia

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Need fundraising ideas? Read about how the Atlantic Province Library Association (APLA) raises funds for CODE libraries.

For Teachers and Librarians

Your class, school or youth group can adopt a library and learn more about a community in Africa. Organize a read-a-thon, a book sale, or an innovative fundraising activity. Launch a challenge to another class or another school. Start small, visit the CODE website and watch your library grow. You can help CODE and our local partners create a place for a student to do their homework, research new subjects and discover the world around them. Just call CODE at 1-800-661-2633 ext. 245 or email us at You can let us know if you would like your school listed on the CODE website.

2017-2018 libraries coming soon!
If you would like to make a donation in support of the Adopt a Library program please include a comment with your donation.