As an organization that is working to change the world by empowering those less fortunate with the fundamental basic human right of literacy – we really do believe in the power and promise of education and what it represents for a brighter future. Do you see yourself serving this truly important role with us here at CODE in rewriting the story for global literacy? Tell us. Show us. Inspire us!


May 12, 2017
Wednesday May 31, 2017
Sierra Leone, Africa
In response to a World Bank/Ministry of Education request, and as part of the Revitalising Education Development in Sierra Leone (REDISL) project, CODE is formulating plans for the short-term training of 4,400 teachers (grades I-IV), 850 primary school head teachers, school inspectors and supervisors, and another 600 students in their final year of pre-service training. In order to do this CODE is recruiting at least 7 international, professional development experts who can lead ‘train-the-...